About us

About us

We Would Like to Share the Purity of the Swiss Alps in Our First Class Skincare

PURESWISS is a premium beauty company founded by Swiss entrepreneurs who deeply appreciate the purity of the Swiss Alps and its beautiful and precious nature.
Our mission is to share the gems of Swiss nature and their benefits with customers around the world.


Environmental Care

As a company so deeply connected to the unique and sensitive ecosystems of the Swiss Alps, protecting and preserving the environment is of utmost importance to us.
We take great care in sourcing our ingredients directly from the Swiss mountains to ensure the highest quality.
We prioritize this not only as a matter of corporate responsibility but also as a social obligation to future generations.


Ethical objectives

Our commitment to ethical cosmetics is reflected in our cruelty-free and paraben-free formulations. We prioritize the well-being of our customers, ensuring that our products are effective yet gentle and safe for the skin.
Quality and purity are paramount to us, and we meet the highest standards in every aspect of our business.


Commitment to Sustainability

At PURESWISS, sustainability is an integral part of our values and practices. It entails using natural and renewable resources while conscientiously and respectfully managing the gifts of nature entrusted to us. We try to embody this approach in everything we do as a company.


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